How To Increase Amazon Book Sales Through Top Rankings

In this video I explain the process that I went through to get my book – Online Business Startup – ranked #1 on Amazon.

Step 1 – Amazon Upload & Creating an Author Page

The author page is something you will need to set up, but this can’t be done until your book has been added successfully.

Step 2 – Create An Audio-book

A quick win where you can get an audio version of your book to sell on Amazon.

Step 3 – Create A Book Landing Page

Nothing more than a 3 page website using the same branding and artwork as your book.

Step 4 – Create A MailChimp Signup Form

Collect as little information as possible to make is easy for your supporters to complete.

Step 5 – Building Your “List”

Get an idea of how many registrations of interest you have in advance of your launch date.

Step 6 – Workflow & Automation

Set up Welcome, Launch Day and Follow Up automated emails.

Step 7 – My Book Has Arrived!

Create a buzz through advertising that you have received copies of your book.

Step 8 – “Warm Up Amazon”

Engineer a good start by encouraging your nearest and dearest to buy the book at strategic times in the run up to launch day.

Step 9 – Follow Up

Do anything you can to keep on getting people to buy the book once it has been launched.

Step 10 – Ongoing PR & Reviews

When you start to see a drop off in the rankings, conduct a few small PR campaigns to keep the interest in the book and don’t forget to always encourage reviews from your readers.
If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments box!

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  1. Very informative. I am about to have a launch of my unique biograhy in 2 months time. I am a nove to publishing. It is my first book. I have a face book accnt and instagram , but I am a dinosaur with social media. Could you tell me wwhat are the things to force myself to do oncd I have a launch date?

  2. Great Info. Thank you for the many helpful tips. If you make your book free on Amazon, are they willing to cover part of the cost or are you responsible to cover those costs?

    Can’t wait to use it to launch our campaign for our MEET BLUE children’s book to be released in just a few weeks.

  3. Thanks so much for that. My very first book so have got a lot to do but looking forward to it.
    Its called (Dont go looking….It's here) quotes and self-help book make your own quotes….

  4. This video complements Robin’s book “Kickstart” available at Amazon. I downloaded and printed a copy so that I can underline important suggestions and tick off each step as I go along. Thank you Robin.

  5. Great video Robin. I have launched my first two books on Amazon over the past month and have been searching for ways to promote them further. If you are interested to have a look the first is a financial planning book – The Astute Guide to Equity Release – and the second was launched today is '21 Easy Tips for Better Time Management' . The author link is here –
    I shall go and explore GoodReads, Help A Reporter and Amazon's top reviewers.
    Thanks a lot. Good luck with your future promotions, Darren

  6. Robin, thank you so very much for this very informative and instructional video with excellent advice on how to market and publicise my novel. It contains valuable suggestions, and tactics, very different to most of the videos I’ve seen so far.

  7. My wife is selling her book on Amazon and we need to get moving with the promotion. I'm going to try just talking about the book on Youtube, Twitter profile and so on.

  8. “Stranded, The Long Journey Home” is on Amazon and I am the author of it. I discovered it was pirated, upset at first, but later learned it’s a compliment, they don’t pirate bad stuff. Plus, I been told it is a page turner and action packed. My writing style been compared to James Patterson and Dan Brown, be nice if people can compare my writing to theirs, big dreams. I am currently working on it’s sequel “Stranded, Resurgence,” looking for options on how to get it published. Not happy with current publisher.

  9. Robin,
    This is great info. You gave a lot more than I expected. I'm looking to launch my book on December 15, 2017 and I'm researching marketing strategies now. This helps a lot. I just sent you an email requesting the PDF you offered at the end of the video. This is going to be excitging.

  10. Robin, thanks for sharing this. It's one of the few videos bringing something new and valuable on this topic. I'd only stress a bit more that it really depends on your kind of book and on your audience. I published two ebooks concerning a specific Portuguese exam ( and the niche is so tiny it doesn't make sense to market it on GoodReads or to send it to the Top Reviewers. Better to work on related online forums and around the polyglot community. Still, Robin, very good tips.

  11. Robin this is fantastic advice and hopefully just what I am looking for. My book is a Children's Adventure Novel aimed at 7 to 9 years, fully illustrated with 80 full page colour illustrations all done by myself, and when people see it or hear about it they are more times than not eager to bye it. The problem has been that my book has been on Amazon for about 6 months and I have sold 2 copies, both to close friends who I had told they can bye them on line. I have a Marketing product – Dudley the Keeper of Secrets, you can see him on my website: he is here to stop bullying in schools and I have a power-point presentation available from my website and on u-tube for Teachers to use in the class room. This is all dreamed fantastic from those who happen to see it, but unfortunately not many do as I am finding it almost impossible to send out the message. I am almost at the point of giving up!!!

  12. I like the great proven ideas and concepts you have presented here. I look forward to implementing them. One thing that I have tried and appears to be working, is participating in online book groups. I don't mean just telling them about your book to sell it. I'm talking about really participating. Making helpful comments on other reader and author posts. Write a posts containing pointers for readers and authors. Then when the time is right, post an ad letting people know that you have a book you want them to purchase, where to purchase, and that reviews are welcome. Of course if you want reviews, it's good to also give reviews. This is a work still in progress for me, but it has made a difference thus far.

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