How To Get More Book Sales on Amazon (2019)

Would you like to know how to get more book sales on Amazon in 2019? Then, get the latest news on how to increase Amazon book sales with proven book marketing and promotion strategies.

And, though this video is a couple years old, the strategies shared still hold up:
πŸ”΅ How to Increase Book Sales on Amazon

πŸ”΄ Not sure where to start with Amazon Advertising for books? Watch this video series:

🟒 Also, catch the blog post about how to write a compelling book description (courtesy of PublishDrive):
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  1. great learnings, Dale. Keep up the good work…BTW i encountered an error message when trying to download the ebook. says there is an error processing the request…Hope you can help

  2. Hi, I'm a Flemish writer and I've published 3 books. I had a publisher for my books. The advice I'd give to new authors is: make sure to be all over the place: make booktrailers, do interviews in the papers, on radiostations, sign your books on bookfairs and in bookshops, be present on social media. Leave your comfort zone and it will get you further than you ever could've imagined. One day I drove to a national radiostation to give them my book as a give-away for the audience. As a result, I got a live interview on national radio! The value is double since you can share the interview via social media, podcasts etc.

  3. Can I add ecommerce to my website and collect sales of books and just ship directly author copies to my customers? Is there a rule with Amazon that you can't do that? Thanks Dale.

  4. I've published two Kindle books that have done well. My best advice to new authors is to spend extra time researching keywords and categories and to write an engaging, non-repetitive keyword filled description for your book. Getting a flow of traffic to your Amazon book page is important and tweaking these things seems to help.

  5. My biggest piece of advice is: study the Slow Launch method. And also Rapid Release. Combine these methods for Super Saiyan God mode.
    edit: Also, always be writing your next book!

  6. Hi, I'm working on a book. It's 8.5" x 8.5". Whenever I upload book interior or cover I got mails from KDP. They asked me to add 0.25" height and 0.125" width that I already did.

    You can help me by providing a correct interior and cover pdf. I just need an sample of book to see correct measurements.

    You can send me any book with correct measurements. I just want to understand the matter of measurements by analysing it.

    Thank you. I would appreciate your help.

  7. Dale awesome tips,Especially for newbies.Starting off in this business can be challenging and overwhelming and getting the correct info will build a strong foundation.Keywords,high quality Book covers,Description all goes hand in hand if you want to excel and thrive as a Self Publisher.Theres days where I would like spend 5 mins on a cover and guess what that book will sell more then the one I took like an hour to make Lol.Finding a Niche that works for each individual is the key because you can easily pump out a large quantity of books and making no sales for months.I am so excited for all the content you have been putting out.πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ‘

  8. Take a deep breath before you push that button. Or better yet, wait 24 hours when you think you’re ready. Because there is always something you missed or think about at the last minute. Have a check list (Dales is great) and check things off. Don’t skip anything, it’s awful hard to go back and relaunch!

  9. Do all the stuff Dale says…but first, make sure you don't write a crappy book! (I'm pretty sure someone wrote a book about that recently. If Dale would just move his shoulder, you might even see it. πŸ˜› )

  10. Some ideas: Take an excellent book cover and have it appear in other videos in the background. Networking in the community and doing podcasts together, perhaps advertise a multi-author AMA livestream or even an actual event that includes a livestream helps build an audience and by extension readers. In addition, has been terrific for me. It's an inexpensive service that allows me to give background information around segments of my book on social media and also embed those bubbles on my website. In addition, Bublish retweets the bubbles you create on a regular basis. Other success I have seen, and to Dale's point, is the ad copy, or description. The more you write, the better you get. While I would avoid ever rewriting a book, there is nothing wrong with revising your ad copy six months later if you realize your original was not as good as it could have been.

  11. spend time on a good cover…your potential clients will skip over a book in a listing on amazon if the cover is bland, generic and not very appealing.

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