How To Create An Online Course Using WordPress And LifterLMS

How To Create An Online Course Using WordPress And LifterLMS Watch the entire playlist: Hosting: http://www.



  1. Hi, i followed you and managed to create online course with LifterLMS. But yesterday, i updated the LifterLMS with the latest version and discovered later that it required PHP7. However, i have some problem migrating fully into PHP 7 at this point. Is there anyway i can find a older version of LifterLMS plugin to temporary allow the plugin to work at this moment?

  2. I added a membership page to the header menu and now all other menu pages don't show only the pages header and footer. The only page that shows content with the head and footer when I click on a menu item is the membership and blog. Now the only way I can see the other menu pages is to deactivate the Lifter plug in.

  3. is it possible to put the pricing of course in different currency and not in dollar , say suppose, my all students are from India, and they will prefer one Country payment gateway and one Indian Currency , will appreciate your response

  4. I cannot find your Lifter LMS to download with the PayPal integration, all i can find is the one you have to pay for. Where exactly can i download your version? I have tried all the different links gone to your website and I must be totally blind since i cannot find the download.I only find the one you have to pay for and all i have in my Lifter LMS is a manual payment.

  5. Great videos but they seem to have changed a lot of things in the current version. My version looks and behaves nothing like yours. I think they went backwards. What you're showing for the lessons make so much sense and it's so much more intuitive. What they have now is very clunky.

  6. Simply Amazing. I literally attracted you and your content. This is exactly what I needed to learn at this exact moment, I promise this is it, just the way I created my course, this is the perfect way for me to host it! Thanks for creating it. for FREE!!! Thank God.

  7. thank you so much. i have a problem . i cant find outline button. on edit course page . i swear i looked up and down there is no outline option . is this only happen to me ?

  8. Hi Adam, loving your videos. I have three concerns though.
    1. Is it possible to make the lessons for each section be hidden, so you have the lessons appear by clicking a plus icon, and hide if you press a minus icon? It just looks like it would get messy if you have say 100 lessons.
    2. After a student has completed a lesson, is there some sort of tick symbol that can be assigned?
    3. Lastly, is there a way to make all the video lessons play automatically like this playlist on YouTube? I think it would speed up the conversion rate of students completing a course.
    Thanks for all the work you!

  9. Hi Adam Many thanks for your excellent videos. I am truly appreciative of all your work( unpaid) and thanks for your emails and have nowinstalled Elementor and Astra and now Lifter LMS through your website so I hope you received something through the affiliate links. On this particular video at 25.09 you show the Course Outline inside the Course Options Page. For those people who ( like me) follow Adams tutorial frame by frame, to see the Course Outline ( which is not there now ) ( must have been an update) you click on the tab on the right of the page under update, there is a new button called Launch Course Builder. This opens the Course Outline in a new page. ( phew! I thought I'd lost all of mine) Cheers

  10. Hey Adam, you are one of the best teachers I've heard to in my life. Thank you very much for your teaching. I have used this video series to create my own website. By around 22:28 video length of this video, you create the Paid Access Plan which is reflected in the course enrollment page as Free and Paid plans. However for me Free Access Plan is working completely fine, but when I try to create paid access plan, it is getting saved as Access plan but it isn't displayed on course page. I've also made sure the visibility is set to 'visible' not 'hidden'. Could you please help me solve this problem?

  11. Adam, really appreciate your courses and what you're doing here. I'm using Elementor pro, Generate Press and LifterLMS, but am getting a content area not found error and have isolated the error to the Lifter plugin. Have you run across this? Do you have any suggestions? I've developed the pages with the Lifter plugin deactivated but when activated the problem remains.

  12. New development as of Oct 6, 2017: I tried this today and it looks like Lifter LMS launched a new feature on the right side bar named "launch course builder" It looks like you have to build your lessons from there now instead.

  13. Hi Adam!

    I absolutely love your videos! I am so glad i found you!

    I need your advice Adam:) You are guru in these kind of things and I hope you can suggest me something.

    Yesterday I've updated my Lifter LMS and ever since it is all messed up. My Course outline is gone and a new course builder does not work. It keeps loading and nothing happens.

    Please help! My course release is on Sunday and now I cannot edit my courses and everything seems to be broken.

    P.S. I've tried a WP roll back plugin, but it did not help:(

  14. Hi Adam! Amazing skills and teachings 😉
    In my site is only showing one course per page! It shows a "page 1, 2 next" under the LifterLMS, and nothing on the side! To see the other course I am creating I have click on the number 2… while on the side is basicly a huge empty space.
    How do I fix this? (The code you gave in tutorial is showing "6" per page, as default)

  15. Hi Adam, I built a great website with your teachings also purchased inmotion hosting and learnt a lot by enrolling in ur other courses. But now with recent updates, two things have changed.
    1. Cant see the "Editor" anymore in the appearance tab of wordpress.
    2. The paypal express plugin you provided in the video tutorials doesnt work anymore. Just give u an option either to deactivate it or takes you to the plugin website.
    PLEASE HELP !!!!

  16. Couple questions – Is there a way to not show my featured image on the course page? It has my featured image which is my class name logo then the name of the class which is the same thing.

    Also how do I change the color and type of the enroll button?

  17. Hi Adam! First, I want to say thank you so much for these great videos. I want to offer the first section of my course at a discounted price to let people see if they want to buy the full course. Is there a way to do this on lifterlms?

  18. Hi Adam, Your videos are AMAZING! I just wanted to ask you: How can I link the "Get Started" button to go to a link they could sign up? And then how do I link that to the email I have for the website? And how could I let each person make a profile on my page or use their Google accounts? Thank you!!!!!!1

  19. Hi Adam, thanks so far. I have noticed the lesson titles and section titles on the landing page for courses on my website appear in lowercase. Could there be a reason for that? I mean I type in the regular sentence case like "Understanding Stories" but it shows "understanding stories" in the front end. I also discovered it might be a similar problem to my sidebar, the sidebar "recent posts" section appears in lowercase as well.

  20. Hi Adam, yes my course is online THANKS TO YOU!! I am super happy with that Thank you so much! But I do have a challenge: Is there a way to add shortcodes of another payment Gateway (called IDEAL) into the checkout settings? In my country we don’t use ‘PAYPALL’ that much. Here we use ‘IDEAL’ and I found a pluggin called ‘Paytium’ that can start adding IDEAL to my pages or posts. Shortcodes can be inserted directly from the IDEAL button in the WORDPRESS editor. But then I have two different buttoms in the text, each with a different checkout, that is not what I prefer… How do I fix this? Gr. Hilde

  21. Hi Adam, thank you for your help so far. I have a challenge with the Course Access Plans, I can edit the Course Access Plans, but they are not visable when I view my website. I also could not enroll (in the previous video), how can I make this work? Gr. from the Netherlands, Hilde

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