How To Create An Online Course That Actually Makes You MONEY

So you want to know how to create an online course but it seems difficult and time-consuming… In this video, I will show you how you can easily create an online …



  1. Biggest takeaway: to post content to where your audience is hanging out.

    I want to create a copywriter course but because of recent changes I need to get better and update copy with Facebook policy

  2. Robert Kiyosaki also used the power of story to make the cash flow quadrant memorable indefinitely.
    And he was one of the first ones who cocreated his product in real time with his audience with his book the conspiracy of the rich it was literally written chapter by chapter online. I was there. And this was long before social media and prototypes and MVPs

  3. The modelling. I have singular concepts and recently imagined it as a flywheel… this video has he in me the confidence to deliver the flywheel model as my end product to answer the biggest question in my selected niche… I will invest in a designed model to place for front of the brand. Actually picked a webinar launch date of Thursday 12th 7pm EST…

  4. not looking to build courses right now but that is def the goal in the future. So that I don't have to trade my time for money and focus on what is really generating revenue for my business!

  5. In every single market or industry, there would always be questions or problems that waiting to be solved. If you can provide solution or answers to the questions and problems, that’s when people are willing to give you their money.

    But simply creating a course for the sake of creating it is not enough to stand out in the market. Because we are in this era of information overloading. You need to create something that goes beyond the information, and that’s the framework that belongs to you.

    Once you figured out your WHAT (what is it that you sell), finally it is about your HOW (how do you sell it). What kind of sales process you use to sell your thing? Whether it is through webinar funnel, application funnel or high ticket funnel. Pick one that resonates the most with you, your market and your product.

  6. My biggest Takeaway :
    How can you separate yourself from the rest of the info that can be found in Google.

    Which is to have your own Framework. Never thought of this really.

    In your framework, you should have Graphical representation – Steps people need to make in order to generate the result.

    Now then you can turn this into your own brand and business. πŸ˜„

  7. This is great. I am planning to open an online course somewhere on January. Big thanks Peng Joon.

    My biggest takeaway is to know how to build an online course:
    1. Questions in the niche – where you will identify on how to develop a solution to the problem.
    2. Put it into framework- where you will create a graphical representation that explains how you can help them.
    3. Sales Process- where you might use funnel to get the name and email + provide an offer
    4. Members area- to give consistent relationship with the clients.
    5. Traffic & Automation- identify where in the social media platforms do your audience are staying and create more traffics on that platform.

  8. First comment 😎

    How to create an online course that actually makes you money

    Factors to consider before you start

    1. Question in niche?
    – Help them make more money
    – More time
    – more effective
    – more confident
    – More efficient
    – more productive

    2. Put it into a framework
    – You jeed somethkng that is proprietary that helps your audience and goes beyond information
    – information alone is not enough

    How can you put into a graphical representation

    3. Sales process
    – webinar
    – free plus shipping funnel

    Where is your audience hanging out?

    Lead funnel – get their name and email
    Monetize – free plus shipping / webinar
    Application – High ticket

    4. Members area
    – membership site and course

    5. Traffic and automatio

    Traffic types

    Paid ads
    – how to write and ads
    – how to traget them
    – how to retarget them
    – how to reduce cost

    – post contents

    Thanks for this video for now I already started
    Watching and learning for the post training of game changer

    And I have a profit using free clickfunnels πŸ™‚
    Thanks a lot sir peng joon

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