COVID-19 Price Objections: Sell Your Online Course During a Crisis | Dan Henry

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  1. Hello Dan👋🏽, I’m a huge fan of your work. My name is Everett, I’m having some trouble. I believe right now is the best time to create a cash flow business. I’m selling a course on how create a business during a crises but I’m having trouble on reaching my first client. I have used mail-chimp,Facebook,and Instagram ads, sales funnels. I even went out my way to try and hire a VA. The problem is I’m here in Mexico with my girlfriend and I kind of just jumped up and left to try and start an online business with only money for living and a plane ticket home if I have to leave but now I’m stuck and looking for any kind of help. I’m sorry for the long message but anything would truly help. Thank you and god bless.



  2. Great message today, Dan. Had similar conversation with LB today. As an ER doctor facing the current environment in the capacity in which I’m working… It’s scary. However… Will still be launching a course to help people get and maintain their health during ‘this time’ and going forward. Glad you’re preaching this message, as it’s truly what will be needed to get our economy moving. Stay safe and be well!

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