6 things you should know BEFORE you create your first online course

I created my first online course about three years ago, and… NOBODY bought it. I was confused, wondered what I had done wrong, and also wondered if maybe …



  1. Hi Gillian, I used to make about 8-10,000 dollars a month with a part-time photography business. I wrote a book about it but never published it. I was thinking about creating a course showing others how to do it. I have no idea where or how to start.

  2. I am going to create a course to help people with caring for their past loved ones belongings. It will include how to sort, give away and keepsake. This has been an idea for years and now with 2020 it is time. I invite input!

  3. I am thinking about creating courses to teach English to Koreans living in Korea. So maybe I work on growing my audience here on YouTube by providing videos to tell them why studying English my way will help them boost English skills, then work on creating courses at the same time, right Gillian?

  4. Who's going to find a $5 course to be valuable? Most people won't even bother spending that much because they're going to think it's just some random stuff thrown together quickly.

  5. Hi Gillian, no I haven't but I'm about to create my first course. It's about helping children and their families who live a global life, and how to deal with the challenges that come with this lifestyle.
    How long would you say does it take to build an audience, here on youtube? Love your videos, thank you!

  6. I would like to create something to help women who are suffering from endometriosis I haven’t a clue where to start & time is a huge problem. I’m stuck. I have the knowledge & the will to help but that’s all.

  7. Thank you so much for this video! I am so passionate about cooking and really want to create my own cooking course. I went to culinary school and I figured with covid and everything people who want to learn to cook don't wanna spend a lot of money or go to school for it. So I am getting into the process of planning a udemy course. I only have 146 subscribers right now, but I believe I can grow my audience, so I'm going to try to constantly improve my content and gain more of a following.

  8. Thanks, Gillian. Your information was helpful. It's great to hear from a young, enthusiastic person with a success story. I have been in the process of building my audience and have not done a course yet but am thinking about it. I have a devotional book that is being published within the next few weeks and was thinking a course to go along with it would be beneficial. Thanks again!

  9. I do not have audience at all. I want to create an oil painting course, realistic portraits. I wonder how much time and effort I need to start to have any sales.

  10. Im about to start building an online course, my brand will be helping males through their break ups and the course will be a 21 day boot camp to get them back on their own track.
    The brand will offer value through podcasts, webinars, blogs etc then i will sell a live webinar which I will do twice a week and then thats where I will upsell them on the boot camp which will be 997. I am really passionate about talking to our guys about their break ups and helping them with their lives moving forward.

  11. This was hugely helpful to me today, just what I needed to hear. I'm barely starting this idea of low carb keto cooking course, but don't have a following yet. This answers my question to the fact I need to start my youtube channel and build up my IG. Thank you!

  12. How do you gain an audience? Where do you get the people from? Reason I'm asking is I thought I'd just buy ad space on social media sights to funnel traffic. But if that's actually the long way to getting an online course started and making money. What are the actual easiest ways and how to actually acquire it. Also if your new how do you get people to take you serious

  13. Okay, here's a quick summary: 
    1. Either sell to your audience, or on a marketplace like Udemy. If you sell on your website, you need to figure a way to get customers. In a marketplace, people may stumble upon your course. 
    2. If you don’t have an audience, it will be really hard to sell.
    3. Courses sell for drastically different prices. You need to research and target your right audience. 
    4. Two different ways you can host the course; On your website, or a full-featured 3rd party platform. Like Teachable. 
    5. Paid advertising on Social media can work, but you need to dedicate time (several months) and a lot of money. 
    6. You can make a living by selling online courses.

  14. I am working on creating a course on becoming a Wellness coach. I have few followers on YouTube and on Facebook. Hope to get sales on my launch. Thanks for the video

  15. I have not launched an online course.
    Reason #1 – I thought I had to make a website from scratch and pay a lot of money. I did not know about 3rd party platforms.

    Reason #2 – my program (self defense) is very physical by nature. I have always been hesitant to make an online option. Now with the restrictions with the Covid I am looking into it to give people options to train

  16. Gillian, I have no idea how to create and audience for the course I have in mind. I'm retired from the home remodeling business and would like to help new guys to remodeling avoid some pitfalls. I have an 19 module outline of "Things you might not know about your remodeling business" . I retired in Tennessee and have no contractor connections. Your thoughts?

  17. how do you build an audience for students before having a course? wouldnt it make sense to build them at the same time?

  18. Gillian, I’m currently stuck at the point with my courses where I have several available on public marketplaces and here on Youtube, but my students only trickle in. At what point did you really see a large amount of people start coming to your content?

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