12 Best Home Based Business to Start in 2020 | With Almost No Money!

In this video, I list 12 best home based business ideasto start from home with almost no money in 2020. The business ideas are suitable for busy people like women , stay at home mums or those with 9-5 jobs who have limited time to spend building their business but also want to make money.

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  1. Thank you for watching this video. I hope you enjoy it. Kindly leave a comment and let me know which business idea resonates with you and you are like to start?

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  3. Thanks much. I have always had this nag to put some personal exeriences into writing, but didnt just know where/how to start. Your suggestion on getting into freelancing might be just what i needed. But still, i am a total novice. Maybe some little writing courses first for a start..

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  9. Hi! I enjoyed your video, it gave me the inspiration to push through on the idea of teaching people easy ways to use WordPress to design their own websites, only using free tools. But am struggling to get feet to my website. Do you have any advice on getting clients on a low budget?

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  13. 1, sell at market place, eBay, amazon, etsy.
    2, start e commerce
    4,content creation
    5,free lance writting
    6,become editor
    7,video editing
    8, graphic design
    9, data entry
    10,life coaching, mentoring
    11, photography
    12,home based cook

  14. Thank you so much for sharing this valuable information!! I'm semi-retired & looking forward to becoming self employed. I'm not tech savvy but tech literate & will need assistance, perhaps from the library. I have some ideas & just need to make it happen.👌🏽

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